05-Dec-2017 05:42

Before I get down to the details, I hope you’ll forgive me for providing some shameless ‘buy’ links: Site Point (international) / Amazon: UK, US, Canada, France, Japan * When speaking to people about the book, I’ve been describing it as “a definitive guide to the successful web design process.” In other words, it covers everything from receiving a brief, responding to that brief, conducting basic research, creating sitemaps, creating wireframes, finding inspiration, designing with solid art and design principles in mind, working effectively with Photoshop (or your layout tool of choice), presenting ideas to clients, and getting ready to pass your files onto developers.

Basically it covers everything up to the stage where you (or a third party) would actually start coding up the site.

In fact, if you’d like to discuss anything in the book, please direct your questions and comments to the form below.

Now I have been doing this a long time, so I do get this a lot. This one had a few things that annoyed me, there was one instance where I thought the layout of the pages could have been executed in a different manor. Full of little hints and tips that will help all but crusty old designers like me.The winners will be announced on April 26rd and will be contacted by email directly.